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    Fencing Portland Oregon

    Welcome to Portland Fence Company! We specialize in fence installations all throughout the Portland metro area in Multnomah county and other surrounding areas!

    Whether you need a wood or cedar fence, vinyl fence, chain link fence, pool fence, aluminum fence, ornamental fence, horse fence, 440 style fence, Ponderosa style fence, or any custom fence solutions, we can help!

    Regardless if you need a fence for your home or for your business, we can help.

    Benefits of a Fence in Portland Or

    There are many benefits to installing a fence at your property if you live in or around Portland. 

    Privacy – Privacy is important to a lot of people. If you need a privacy fence, we have many products that our fence contractors can install including vinyl, chain link, and wood or cedar fencing!

    Security – Security is another benefit of owning a fence. A security fence is important for both commercial and residential properties alike. We have many options to provide security as well!

    Increased property value – A fence is a great way to increase your property value because most people want a fence on their property. We can help match the fence in your neighborhood, or give you suggestions on how a fence can provide added value for you.

    Our Mission

    Some people find us by searching online for “fence company near me”  or “fence companies in Portland Oregon“. We also have many customers who refer to their friends, family, and neighbors because of our professional reputation and great customer service.

    Our mission and hope is to be the best fence company Portland Oregon and in all surrounding areas by being true to who we are and putting our customer first, always!

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    Portland Fence Company Services

    We have many different fence products and services if you are looking for a fence Portland Oregon from our Portland fence builders, whether you need it for residential or commercial reasons. Below are the main services that we provide:

    Cedar / Wood Fencing

    We specialize in wood fencing made of high quality cedar. Cedar fencing in Portland is very important due to the climate. We can install a standard wood fence or a custom one to fit your needs and desires. Contact our Portland fence contractors to get a new cedar / wood fence!

    Chain Link Fencing

    If you are looking for affordability and security, chain link fences are the most popular and affordable fence type in the area. No matter the property, chain link fencing is a great option for fence installation Portland Or!

    Vinyl Fencing

    Vinyl fencing is a great fence type if you are looking for something that is strong, durable, and looks great! Vinyl fences are very popular when looking for a fence Portland Or because it requires no maintenance and can withstand most weather conditions. It also comes in many different colors and styles while adding privacy and security!

    Ornamental Fencing

    If you want the look and feel of a wrought iron fence, an ornamental fence may be the route to take. Usually made of aluminum, ornamental fences are appealing and provide great security and greatly improve property values. Contact us today if you want our fence contractors Portland Oregon to give you a free estimate on a beautiful new aluminum / ornamental fence!

    Custom Fence Gates

    We can create many different custom fences and custom fence gates to meet your needs. No matter the type of gate you need, whether it be a small fence gate, or a large security gate, our fence contractors Portland Oregon are fully capable of getting your project done at a competitive installation price.

    Fence Repair Portland Oregon

    If you need fence repair in Portland and surrounding areas, we can help! We offer complete fence replacement as well if your fence has too much damage, but sometimes it makes more sense and much more cost effective to repair the damage instead! Give us a call for an honest opinion on whether you should repair your fence, or go a different route.

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    Necessary Oregon Fence Company Characteristics

    Be sure that you hire a reputable fence company in Portland that has specific professional characteristics so that you know you are getting a high quality fence that is installed correctly.

    Below are characteristics to look for when looking for a fence company or fence builders Portland Oregon.

    Free Fence Quote

    The most important thing when looking for fencing Portland Oregon, is that a company provides free quotes. This is a great time to interview different fence companies to determine which fence contractor will provide the value you are looking for. We always provide free estimates so you know what it will cost and so you can also see that we are professional fence installers with high craftsmanship.

    Locally Operated, Locally Owned

    We are locally owned and locally operated, which means that we know the community and the type of weather or other things you may run in to. Our fence contractors are located in Multnomah County.

    High Quality Fence Materials

    A fence company should always use the best fence products available on the market made for our area in the Pacific Northwest. Products that are made with good quality will increase the longevity of your fence and will require lower maintenance. We get our fence materials from a reputable fence supplier and we only get the best fence materials to use on your installation. 

    Professional Services

    When looking at different fence companies in Portland Oregon, you want to find someone that is great at what they do and has high craftsmanship. We care about the work that we do because we want you to have a great fence that lasts a long time on your property. A fence can be a big investment so it needs to be done right!

    Licensed Bonded & Insured

    All fence contractors should be licensed bonded and insured. This provides peace of mind to you knowing that your fence is getting built by a professional and that your are protected in case something unexpected happens on your property. 


    Most fence products made by manufacturers have different manufacturers warranties that protect you against any fence defects of the products. We also stand by our work and will correct anything that is wrong with your fence after a fence installation or if you aren’t satisfied at no extra cost to you. 

    We also provide Fence Portland Services in the Surrounding Areas.

    • Multnomah County
      • Portland
      • Gresham
    • Washington County
      • Beaverton
      • Hillsboro
    • Clackamas County
      • Oregon City
      • Sandy
    • Hood River County
      • Hood River
    • And many more areas!

    About Portland Or


    Portland Oregon is a great place to live and the largest and most populous city in Oregon. Portland is a unique city that is laid-back and has a reputation for great parks, great food, a great nightlife, amazing nature, and much more!

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    “The custom cedar fence is exactly what I wanted. Thank you.”

    “Happy with how my new fence turned and the process went very smooth.”

    “Glad I chose them for my fence job!”

    • Moved forward!

      After a few quotes from other fence companies in Portland area, I decided to move forward and am glad that I did. 

      Zach Scott
      August 3, 2018
    • Thanks!

      The fence contractor that came out gave great feedback and installed an amazing custom fence based on what we previously talked about. Thanks!

      Joe Smith
      April 5, 2019

    Fence Installation Portland Oregon FAQs

    What are your timelines to install a new fence in Portland?

    See our full process below:

    Step 1 – Call us or full out our form above to get an instant fence quote

    Step 2 – Order Materials and SCHEDULE FENCE Install date

    Step 3 – Once materials are delivered, we begin INSTALLING YOUR FENCE

    How do I know which fence product to install on my property?

    We can help you! Our fencing contractors will get an idea of what you want and what you need and provide some feedback and suggestions if you aren’t sure what type of fence to install.

    There is not a fence material that is better than another. Each fence type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages so choosing the right type of fence for you depends on your wants and needs and how you want to use the fence that determine which fence material / product should be installed at your property.

    How much does a fence cost in Portland and surrounding areas?

    This isn’t a simple answer because there fencing Portland costs are dependent on several factors. Contact us and we can provide a free instant quote over the phone or by email by filling out our form. Factors that determine price include: 

    • fence product / material
    • custom or standard style
    • linear feet
    • number of gates
    • fence height
    • and many other factors

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