About Portland Oregon

Portland is the largest city in Oregon and Multnomah county and is home to over 650,000. The greater Portland area consists of over 2.4 million people and includes seven different counties, two of which are in Southwest Washington (ie: Vancouver, Wa).


Named after Portland, Maine, Portland Oregon is known as the City of Roses and was established in 1851.

Early growth was stimulated by a number of gold rushes and the flow of immigrants along the Oregon Trail. Since then, Portland has grown drastically and sees growth year to year. 


Portland is a friendly town and considered to be a progressive city and is very diverse, home to many different types of people. It attracts a younger crowd due to its ‘hip’ and progressive culture. Every age group loves Portland and the people who live here generally live long and healthy lives.

Portland is known for its parks, bridges, bike paths, eco-friendliness, microbreweries and coffeehouses. Portland is a heavily forested city, has lots of high tech industries as a major part of its economy and has an international airport.


Portland is a great place to live and a large city with lots of different things to do! If you are planning to move to Portland, you can’t go wrong.

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